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Full IP Audio & Video Intercom solution

Easily integrable global solution
  • IP native system allowing to build a all in one solution

  • only one network cable to manageaudio, video, data or PoEstation power

  • IP direct connection (wired or wireless) offers deployment infinite possibilities, independently of the place or distance

Opening, mobility and interoperability

  • Interoperability with other systems: IPphones, mobility, supervision, video surveillance…

  • Complementary toMaylisandVDIP ranges

  • Intercommunication between the various stations is done via IP using protocol SIP(either with SIP direct connection or through an IPBX)

Audio and video quality

  • The system meets the needs ofharshest environments

  • Full Duplex audio communications, noise reduction, echo cancellation

  • Digital video camera integrating the lastestimage processing developments, night vision


Powerful functionalities

  • Total audio videointercom(several IP communication channels)
  • Conference
  • Group call
  • General call...


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Natcom Ireland Ltd

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